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Is the Land Waste?

Ominous Hanukkah Resonances

Are "Movies For Grownups" On Their Way Out

When Was the Last Successful Revolution?

The Field or the Players?

Altruism Wrap

A Tale of Three Elections

A Temporary Absence

Democratic Accountability Wrap

Were the Modern Monetary "Theorists" Right After All?

You Must Remember This Wrap

What Are We Fighting For In Ukraine?

Anxieties of Faith and Faithlessness

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Margaret Wise Brown in the Multiverse of Madness

שנה עטופה (A Year Wrapped)

A Stranger Among Us

What Does a Ukrainian Victory Look Like?

Does Constitutional Monarchy Deserve Any Cheers?

Ranked Choice Voting Strikes Again

Blame Yeltsin, Not Gorbachev

Lula and Trump

Putting a Price on Parenthood

Fatwa Wrap

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

Mankind Cannot Bear Too Little Reality

If You Drive Fast, You Have To Corner Harder

Empathy for the NIMBY Devil

Pass Good Laws, Repeal Bad Ones

Italian Wrap

America the Absurdly-Named

Legislative Dereliction of Duty

Religious Freedom Is Still Impossible

Abortion Unwrapped

So Much For Institutionalism

The Radicalism of NY State Rifle & Pistol v. Bruen

The Israeli Elections Conundrum

Juneteenth/Father's Day Double Wrap

A.I.s of Tumblr

Do We Need To Worry About Violence Against the Court?

Boudin vs. Krasner

Bardolatrous Wrap

It's Normal to Overreact to Horrible Events

A Problem From Hell

Deal-Breaking Wrap

Is "Harm" Framing Harmful?

Is Fetterman All That?

NATO Unwrapped

The Greenspan Put Was Really a China Put

Why There Will Be No Abortion Settlement: Senator Schumer Edition

There Will Be No Settlement On Abortion

China Wrap

Does It Matter Who Owns Twitter?

The Week Wrap

Divide and Conquer?

Paschal Wishes

Prayer For the French Republic Wrap

Ukraine and the Hungarian Election

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War Is Not a Game

A Sandwich Is a Sandwich, But a Manwich Is a Meal

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Return of the Millman Political Taxonomy

Monster Wrap

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cosby

Unhedged (or Unhinged) Wrap

Early Modern Anti-Heroes

Apres Ski Wrap

Don't Assume Putin Has the Upper Hand

Let Us Now Stop Praising Famous Men

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Imagining There's No Authors

Half Empty Wrap

Encanto's Parable of the Talents

Teachable Moment Wrap

Joe Manchin and John C. Calhoun

Upon a Winter's Night a Wrap

Cutting Your Losses

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Is Electoral Count Act Reform In the Works?

Democracy Wrap?

Will Redistricting Favor the Democrats?

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