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2021 Wrap

Boxing Day Wrap

A Christmas Movie Recommendation

Is War About To Break Out In Ukraine?

Does It Matter Whether Manchin Was Right?

Green Sash Wrap

Things We Didn't Do

Time to Make Germany Great Again?

Flowers of Evil Wrap

Requiem For a Liberal Internationalism That Never Really Was

Beam of Energy Wrap

Holding Paper

Light Wrap

Gratitude is Orthogonal to Justice

Silver and Gold Wrap

Red People Too Happy, Blue People Too Mad

The Wisdom To Know the Difference

Inflated Expectations Wrap

Substack University

Covid Wrap

Quick Election Reax

Halloween Wrap

Putting the Micropenis on the Story Couch

"One must never place a loaded gun on the stage if it isn't going to go off." - Anton Chekhov

Film (Festival) Wrap

Would a Powell Presidency Have Been Different?

Monday Morning Quarter-Wrapping

American Malinche

Flag Wrap

Cuddly Nazis and Sympathetic Ghouls

Grand Strategy. Huh. (Good God.) What Is It Good For?

Maculate Conception

Tishrei Wrap

Quick Thoughts on the German Election

To Wrap Or Not To Wrap

The Merry Wives of Le Petite Senegal

We Hold These Truths To Be Subject To Revision

Tabarnak! It's Almost Sukkot

Brighton Beach Wrap

Kol Nidrei Greatest Hits

Break the Blob's Bad Habits

The Opening of the American Mind

Lest We Forget to Wrap

Where the Buck Stops

Elul Wrap

Can the Texas Law Stand Without Overturning Roe?

Don't Touch That Wrap

On Compromise With Evil

Back to School Wrap

Arguing With Ross Douthat About Religion Again

It's the Little Things

Do Androids Dream of Electric Wrap?

Adirondack Wrap

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Kamala?

A Shroud Is a Kind of Wrap

Conspiracy Theories and Story Logic

Hot Wrap

Can a Collapsing Center Be Recaptured?

Independence Wrap

Unknown Knowns

Nothing Human Is Alien To Me

Double Wrap

The Day After Primary Day

If Natural Law Isn't Natural, Then How Is It Law?

In Loco Parentis

Liberals Should Want Breyer to Live Forever

Wrapping It Up

Can We Prevent Election Subversion?

Rebel Angels?

First Wrap of the Summer

Notes on The Merchant of Venice

Democracy Requires Consensus on the Rules


That's a Weekly Wrap-Up

How To Win Friends and Influence Allies

Must We Mean What We Say?

Did Asia Benefit From a Milder Variant?

Seven-Weeks' Wrap-Up

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Fertility, Fear and Futurity

Mother's-Day-Week Wrap-Up

Et Tu, Naftali?

Time To Move the COVID Goal Posts Back Where They Belong

Weekly Wrap-Up

The Autobiography of an Idea

James Carville Wants to Police the Language Police

Kathryn Garcia: The Anti-Yang

Belated Weekly Wrap-Up

Does the Reason for Jewish Achievement Matter?

The Female Vagrant

Weekly Wrap-Up

Reparations and the Black Nationalist Counterfactual

Stepping Out

Authority and Expertise

In the End, There Can Be Only One

Philip Roth: Bad Lover

Democracy Is Good

How Can We Know How Bad the Georgia Elections Law Is?

Tackling Genuinely Hard Problems Is the Opposite of Decadence

The Small Voice of Stillness

Are Immunity Passports Something to Worry About?

Vanquishing the Hosts of Midian, One Post at a Time